10+ Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Really work a great

10+ Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Really work a great


SEO stands for search engine optimization and has changed over the years. I have written a post about “Complete SEO Guide for Beginners” if you are just about to start your journey for SEO then I suggest you read it first. Because this post of mine has those search engine optimization techniques which I used over the years for optimizing my client’s websites and my blog. These search engine optimization techniques have worked well for me doing SEO for many websites.

The search engine optimization techniques which I learned:

When I started doing SEO under a company, I use to do many things to get better ranking for the websites, our primary focus was on directory submission, blog commenting, social bookmarking and article submission but then suddenly things changed; Google had an update for penguin which changed many things, like some link building techniques. But still, there are many methods which we can use to get links. So, the techniques with which we were able to get better results for our websites were proper on-page optimization with long tail keywords, Guest Blogging, use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI keywords) and much more which I will state in the post.

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So, the search engine optimization techniques that worked for me are:

1.Use of Longtail Keywords for the blog post:
Focusing on the long tail keywords with low competition and high traffic will make the difference. In choosing low competition, the keywords will strike the ranking as quickly as possible and get us more traffic with least of our efforts. And long tail keywords has always done miracles for better results and better traffic. I alone have not experienced the same thing, but many other bloggers out there have experienced the same. Choosing a single word “keyword” takes a lot more time to appear up in the ranking even if the keyword has low competition on the Google. In my SEO experience, I have seen long tail keywords appearing up on Google’s first page in a single night and sometimes in some hours depending on the reputation of the website. Sometimes it gets difficult to find long tail keywords in your niche but trust me it will return your efforts with good results.

2.Use of LSI (latent semantic indexing)
LSI is the use of synonym words to get rid of spam. Google considers spam if we use the keyword more than enough in a post. So to get rid of this, bloggers and webmasters use LSI. The LSI has not only helped me to get rid of spam using synonyms but also helped to get a little more traffic.
You would have noticed when you search on Google for something with a word or sentence, then Google shows results for the same but with different words also. Let me explain you with the help of an example, when we search on Google.com “apple” then Google may show the results for same, but with different words depending on the kind of search done, it will come up with fruits, Apple iPhone which is a brand or something related to it. And in the same way, it can help you.
You can read a full post on LSI to learn more about it. What is LSI and How to use?

3.Use of Infographics
The use of the infographics has got me many good results. The use of images on my website with alt tag makes it suitable for every search engine. And the use of multiple images will also make the difference. Also, you can use these images for building high-quality links; there are many sites on the internet which accept infographics for their sites and share them. The best-known site for me is Pinterest, but you can find many similar sites on Google.


4.Guest Posting
Guest Posting or guest blogging can be done to get two things for your website. One thing it gets is a high-quality link, and another thing is a little more traffic to your site. There are many bloggers and community blogging sites where you can do guest posting. Guest blogging is one of the best technique for all search engine optimization techniques which has helped me to get more traffic and quality backlinks. But, the only thing is that one has to write content for guest blogging as if he or she is writing content for their website or I would say even better than the content we write for our blogs. I have written a post about Guest blogging tips and tricks which could help you become a good guest blogger.

5.Social bookmarking
Many of the bloggers or marketers don’t use or use few social bookmarking sites to get links. But social bookmarking has worked well for me. I know there are some social bookmarking websites which delete the accounts within some months but having a link from those sites is worth. The concept of Link ghosts and link echoes works perfectly with social bookmarking. I prefer social bookmarking sites because of its easy submissions and instant approval quality. I have collected high PR social bookmarking sites which you can use. When we do social bookmarking, we don’t have to wait for the approvals to get our links approved. Social bookmarking is one of the best sources for getting quick links to a website for immediate results.


Social Media Optimization is of one of the search engine optimization techniques which everyone is using these days. Use of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are helping them to get more engagements on their website. These social media sites also help to get quality links. The thing that matters most is the use of the Twitter card and open graph Meta tags for Facebook. There are many SMO sites which can be used to get more traffic and quality links.

7.Skyscraper technique
The Skyscraper technique originally invented by Brian Dean. I like this technique a lot although it has not yet got a success for me, it has helped me to get a better relationship with the bloggers. The skyscraper technique is the content and keyword targeting technique. It is a little complex and difficult technique to use but worth implementing. If you are interested in this method then here is the post for the same.
Skyscraper technique to get more traffic. The only reason I am referring this technique is that it has helped to grow my traffic.
8.Blog Commenting
The blog commenting can be used to get backlinks either Dofollow or Nofollow. I use the commentLuv enabled blog to get comments and comment on others blogs to get links to my website. Beside commentLuv, you can also use WordPress commenting system, Disqus, and livfrye. But commentLuv is the only tool that has helped me to get Dofollow links for my blog, and you can do the same. I have also collected some commentLuv blogs list which you can use to make links.
9.Answering the questions
There are many websites where you can respond to the questions of the people to attract more people towards your blog. The sites like wiki.answers.com, answers.com, Quora.com and more sites like these can work well for you. If you are a regular reader of different blogs, then you would have noticed that mostly all of the bloggers also suggest qurora.com. So, trust me Quora.com helps to generate more traffic, you will find many pro bloggers on it answering different questions. You can also respond to the issues and leave links as an external source for your replies.
Another thing that works is yahoo answering; Yahoo still gets millions of visitors, and so you can. Answer the different kinds of questions at Yahoo answering to leave a link and create some good relations.
Make informative slide about the content you want to share. Your slide must contain unique and attractive title to attract people. There are hundreds of slide sharing sites where you can share your slide to get traffic. Another thing is that you can share the same slide on different slide sharing sites.
11.Join Blogging communities
You can join many blogging communities to get more exposure. There are blogging communities which you can join, the communities which have worked well for me are inbound, indiblogger, and Blogengage. BlogEngage is a paid community but worth joining and if you are from India then join Indiblogger.in for better results. Even Triberr is a great community for bloggers to get more shares and traffic.

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10+ Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Really work a great

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